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Airespace designs and develops intelligent and secure WLAN networking platforms that support business-critical applications. The company has set the standard for enterprise Wireless LANs, having received three major industry awards at this year's N + I show. The Airespace Intelligent RF Access Point earned top honors in CMP LLC’s Wireless Category "Best of Interop Awards," and the complete Airespace Wireless Enterprise Platform was awarded Network Computing's "Most Outstanding Product of the Year". These distinctions underscore the unique technical advantages of the Airespace WLAN system and reinforce Airespace's success as a leader in delivering world-class business-critical Wireless LANs.

Airespace Focus and Strength

Of all the different companies in the emerging WLAN segment, only Airespace combines the functionality of various disparate solutions into a single WLAN system for best-in-class wireless capabilities. By integrating features like location tracking, mobility, wireless protection, and VPN concentration into a single, managed platform, Airespace makes WLAN deployment and operations easier and more cost effective. Combining world-class dynamic RF management with the industry's leading WLAN management platform to provide better visibility and control of the air space, Airespace offers these advantages:

  • Ease of Deployment and Use: Airespace allows IT staff to rapidly deploy enterprise-wide Wireless LAN services with minimal incremental staff or extensive RF training.
  • Robust WLAN Capabilities: Airespace provides a complete system for security, wireless prevention & protection, mobility, & real-time applications.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Airespace reduces the capital requirements for WLAN deployment & tackles key financial challenges of operating a Wireless LAN.
  • Support for Real-Time Applications: Airespace allows IT staff to control key WLAN attributes, such as Quality of Service (QOS), location and user identity, to support all voice, video and data business applications.
  • Flexibility: Airespace's leading capabilities are available across a wide area of products, from 12 and 24 port WLAN switches to high-capacity WLAN appliances. The Airespace system can be deployed in the wiring closet, the distribution layer or the data center, across Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections, an ideal fit for any enterprise environment.
WLAN Security Framework

Evolution of the WLAN Access Point

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