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Network managers today are faced with three major IT trends that they need to address: mobility, security, and convergence. All three trends intersect at the edge of the network — the point where users connect to enterprise services. The edge of the enterprise network today, built on the past decade of networking technology, is a fixed edge. It was designed for a time when users and devices were not mobile.

Aruba’s Mobile Edge System enables a new type of edge for the enterprise network — the mobile edge. The mobile edge allows wireless users and devices to connect and to securely gain access to the enterprise.

Aruba’s Mobile Edge System consists of three primary components:

  1. Mobility controllers, centralized delivery platforms for the Mobile Edge
  2. Controlled access points (APs) which tunnel wired & wireless user traffic to mobility controllers over the LAN, WAN and the Internet
  3. ArubaOS system software providing the intelligence for the Mobile Edge

The mobile edge is an overlay network consisting of both hardware and software. It makes use of existing high-speed networks - the enterprise LAN, the enterprise WAN, and the Internet. The mobile edge does not replace these existing networks, but deploys on top of them as a service overlay, preventing disruptive equipment changes and preserving existing investment. Most enterprise networks have been engineered for high performance and high reliability - many have multi-gigabit backbones, dual redundant fiber to each wiring closet, and hot-standby datacenters. There is no need to change these networks to add mobility, security, and convergence. Instead, these three additions can be delivered as network services through the mobile edge. In addition, these services can be implemented in phases, avoiding the disruption of large-scale cutovers.

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