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The Elemental Compliance System is an enterprise security software solution that enables organizations to express, monitor and enforce security policies for any computer connecting to the network. Using Elemental, enterprises can satisfy specific compliance requirements and measurably improve their security posture in constantly changing environments.

With its broad set of capabilities, the Elemental Compliance System has been specifically designed to meet the multiple security and compliance needs of enterprises. These include:

Regulatory Compliance Management – IT security groups spend a significant amount of time and energy with external auditors identifying controls, demonstrating their operational effectiveness and providing evidence of monitoring. Elemental helps satisfy many audit requirements, reducing the amount of time and effort involved in external audits.

Internal Security Compliance – Enterprises need mechanisms to meet internal or corporate security best practices. Elemental gives enterprises the flexibility and customization necessary to implement and enforce policies that meet specific needs.

Rogue Device Containment – Employees, vendors and partners frequently attempt to connect unmanaged computers to enterprise networks without IT departments knowing about them. Elemental tracks all computers on the network, gathers configuration and behavior information and prevents them from accessing the entire network or specific critical machines on the network.

Wireless Access Detection & Control – The number of wireless devices attempting to connect to enterprise networks is increasing dramatically. Elemental can identify wireless devices connecting to the network and quarantine them if deemed necessary.

Cross-Platform Policy Implementation – Managing security policies across multiple platforms is a difficult and time-consuming task. The Elemental Compliance System makes expressing, monitoring and enforcing cross-platform policies simple and intuitive.

Vulnerability Detection – Enterprises need to know which computers on the network may be at risk and why. Elemental exposes trust relationships between machines, as well as anomalies in host configuration and networking activity, so enterprises can prevent security breaches from occurring.

The Elemental Compliance System is an agent-server security system providing unified visibility and control across networked computers. Elemental unifies policy management, host configuration and network access control in one seamlessly integrated offering. The system consists of Elemental servers and agents running on multiple operating system platforms covering workstations, laptops and servers throughout a network and restricts access by policy for hosts and users that are non-compliant with critical security policies.

Elemental Compliance System Data Sheet
Sarbanes Oxley IT Security Controls Compliance

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