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Infoblox is the leading developer of network identity appliances that connect applications to the network infrastructure. Network identity services include DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, and LDAP. These protocols control, track, and manage how the users, devices, sessions, and data on the network interact and the security privileges assigned to each network element. Infoblox's appliances assure that applications managers have the control they need to ensure reliable network services. These solutions also provide network managers with massive scalability, built-in security, and reliable applications support.

Challenges and Solutions

Individual identity services are generally deployed ad hoc throughout the network, while the management of these essential identity protocols is usually fragmented across the enterprise. In addition, each protocol presents its own particular security, reliability, and management concerns as networks grow. The underlying identity services strain, but often fail, to keep pace with growing usage demands and evolving applications.

To address these challenges, Infoblox delivers each essential network identity service using a task-specific appliance - the most secure and scalable platform for network growth and distributed management. These appliances simplify and secure the network by hardening the delivery of each protocol while working together to provide integrated identity services and centralized data management. Infoblox's products help businesses build networks that are more secure, cost less to operate, and easily scale as network infrastructure grows.

Infoblox One Series Appliance Solutions:

DNS One: Delivers Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), the network services that manage devices and IP addresses.

RADIUS One: Delivers Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS), an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol that mediates access to network resources.

LDAP One: Delivers Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), a data service that enables centralized directories for device, user, and policy data.

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