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NSA specializes in network and security services within these industries:

Financial Services

Financial Service Institutions face regulatory oversight by several entities and today are presented with greater challenges than meeting the requirements of government or industry mandates. Long before SARBOX, GLB, PCI, COBIT and Basel II became the ‘drivers’ of Information Security initiatives, NSA had developed a comprehensive risk mitigation methodology involving a series of elements to help analyze and define robust and feasible network security strategies for our Financial Services clients. These clients include Investment Banks, Brokerage Houses, Savings and Loans, Commercial Insurance Firms and local agency operations.

Today’s level of security exposure and vulnerability is something that all entities face together…malicious activity doesn’t discriminate one IP address from another. Good practitioners of Security have long known that matters of security policy, perimeter and layered security, privacy of client information, weak authentication, remote access portals, web site vulnerabilities, ‘the insider threat’ and many other elements need to be continually reviewed against an evolving mix of threats, risks and exploits. NSA views our role as ensuring that by defining and implementing sound security strategy, regulatory compliance becomes second-nature.

Electronic Commerce

Similarly, as organizations look to leverage the Internet in an effort to drive commercial revenue, many of these entities discover that their Protection Strategies need to be enhanced, sometimes considerably. NSA has designed and delivered resilient and secure infrastructure for several Electronic Commerce initiatives. This activity ranges from security analysis and hardening of the underlying B2B application, developing secure remote access ‘portal connectivity’ and proper authentication mechanisms, adding protection layers to a expanded Web Server and Database architecture, and can include monitoring and reporting on network/security activity associated with the end-to-end eCommerce operations.


NSA is considered a trusted security advisor to some of the most widely recognized Health organizations in the world. These include the primary cornerstone hospitals affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. Our involvement with these institutions involves many elements related to perimeter and internal network security and the support of emerging Healthcare security initiatives. HIPAA requirements notwithstanding, the Healthcare industry as a whole has made great strides in securing patient data. Hospitals face some unique security requirements based on the variety of disparate electronic devices that are utilized in the course of delivering patient care. NSA assists heathcare entities by protecting the sensitive data that traverses these high-speed networks.  In NSA’s view, there is no more ‘Mission Critical’ environment than HealthCare.

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