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An organization must make sure the connections between its people, applications, and networks are secure at all points and at all times. With a 20-year history of delivering consistently reliable and secure solutions, Secure Computing has established itself as a global solutions provider to organizations of all sizes. Simply put, Keeping the bad guys out and letting the good guys in is what security—and Secure Computing—is all about.

Solutions – at a Glance

Sidewinder G2® Security Appliance
Enterprise network security is continuously at risk from the complexity of today’s threats. The multi-functional Sidewinder G2® Security Appliance protects organizations from these threats, keeping valued network and application resources safe and available for proper user access. The Sidewinder G2 system consolidates the widest variety of security functions available in one system, tightly integrated in the industry's most trusted operating system, SecureOS. G2 provides a robust and centralized management strategy, reducing TCO and delivering value.

SmartFilter Web Filtering Product Family
SmartFilter® products enable organizations to understand, and monitor their Internet use, while taking effective steps to provide appropriate control over outbound Web access. SmartFilter®, Bess® and Sentian™ are recognized worldwide as leadership Web filtering solutions. These are used by thousands of organizations to safeguard their environment from offensive content, to limit legal liability, and protect against malicious code entering their network through employee use of the Internet. SmartReporter’s powerful reporting capabilities provide real-time monitoring and analysis features that enable an organization to understand exactly how the Web is being used.

SafeWord Strong Authentication
Passwords are one of the weakest elements in every network, and can be easily hacked, stolen, or guessed. SafeWord® products eliminate these password risks for thousands of organizations worldwide every day. SafeWord tokens generate new passcodes with every user login, ensuring that only trusted users are accessing your networks. SafeWord® software and SafeWord tokens are used by thousands of organizations and millions of end users worldwide every day, delivering strong authentication to their trusted networks and resources. SafeWord® PremierAccess™ is an enterprise-level authentication and access control system that integrates user authentication and role-based authorization, one of the most comprehensive authentication systems on the market.

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