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Virtual Private Networks

A VPN Gateway enables secure business communications across the public Internet. Key aspects for high-quality VPN solutions include a robust distributed architecture, centralized management, and support for multiple security zones. Today, there are several varieties of VPN approaches that organizations can choose from, involving industry standard IPSec or SSL. These options greatly extend security and remote access outside the organization and can be tailored to meet the application mix.

Enterprises employ VPNs to enhance remote access by mobile workers, telecommuters and distributed business sites. Telecommuters and remote office sites obtain intranet access to the same robust IP applications they use when connected to their corporate LANs. VPNs also enable the sharing of information and applications selectively across extranets, improving business relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. In addition to improving connectivity, VPNs reduce the total costs of ownership for business communications facilities, and have become indispensable communications channels.

NSA designs and implements VPN solutions for Enterprises and Service Providers.

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